Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered this week's giveaway and for all of the really terrific name ideas! I'll be referencing that blog post for all of my colourway naming needs for years to come. Without further ado, the random number generator has chosen a winner and that winner is..... Kara! Kara's suggestion: 

Wondrous Land - a painting by Canadian artist Ted Harrison. This echoes his palette with the sky, sea, and land. Love it!

Great name! Kara, check your inbox for an email from me so you can claim your prize. :)

Twisted Red Label selections for today's Etsy Update

Twisted Red Label selections for today's Etsy Update

All we all pumped for today's Updates? I am. We've got lots of good stuff for you and I am particularly excited to see what colours are favourites for the Dyed-To-Order Update that follows. 

TGIF am I right?! I've had a great week, this is my 4th blog post of the week and that feels good. Chris and I snuck away for the morning yesterday and left Willow with my parents for the first time with great success (the boys were at daycare). Our anniversary is coming up and I surprised him with an early gift, we went to Bota Bota and it was the best thing ever! Look it up, check it out, it's amazing. We did the water circuit and I have never been more relaxed in all my life. We left feeling refreshed and pampered. What a treat. 

Have a great weekend!