Camaro Inspo

While scrolling through Instagram the other day I stumbled upon this photo of the beautiful Hannah rocking her newly finished Camaro sweater (knit in our Hummingbird Palette!) and I was struck! I love it. I love everything about it from the colours to the jacket and the glasses and the bag. I love seeing knitwear styled as actual outfits. Hannah nailed it. One thing lead to another and I spent the afternoon perusing all the gorgeous Camaro projects on Ravelry and since they are all so good I decided it would be fun to share a few with you here. Are you ready for some serious Camaro inspo?

The gorgeous colour palette Thao chose for her Camaro really does it for me. The shifts in colour are smooth and subtle, it's sheer perfection.  

I love how Jane and Stacey both knit gorgeous purple sweaters that couldn't be more different from each other. Jane's is longer with 3/4 length sleeves, Stacey's features full length sleeves. Stacey's has an even width gradient stripe while Jane's embraces a random yoke scheme. One of my favourite things about the pattern is how customizable it is. Stacey knit her sweater as part of a Rhinebeck Camaro KAL last fall. you've got to check out Stacey's project page for group shots of everyone at Rhinebeck in their Camaro's! It's amazing. 

Gosh I wish I lived in an area with more colourful building's! These stripes (the ones on the building and the ones on the sweater) are awesome! Such a great shot.

Here is another pair of Camaro's with similar colour palettes but very different finished sweaters. Long sleeves vs. short sleeves. Cropped vs. full length. Though they both feature even width stripes the placement of the colours makes the sweaters take on a personality all their own. I love the added stripes on the sleeves of sostorm's version

I love the pops of pink and that seafoam colourway in Megan's Camaro. A beautiful interpretation.

Would you just look at how sassy and happy these two are in their Camaro's? Gorgeous.

So you see? You can really make it your own. Positive ease, negative sense, long or short, maximum stripes or subtle shifts. The sky is the limit!