Etsy Update + Dyed-To-Order Tomorrow!

Etsy Update!

There will be an Etsy Update on Friday, June 1st at 12pm ET. 


This is the first Etsy Update since having baby Willow and I have to say that it feels good to be back in the saddle again! I get real pumped up for these updates. The new colours get me so excited. Photographing, naming, labeling, organizing all the yarns is my idea of a good time! 

This update has a little bit of everything. We've got sweater quantities of loads of colours in Worsted Weight and DK Weight. We've got lots of fingering weight options: PureWash Fingering, Twisted Red Label and Cosmic Blue Label. We've also snuck in some Lace Weight and the star of the show... Silver Label Mulberry Silk!

TFA Silk!

I'm thinking silky summer tops and shawls... this stuff really is drool worthy. 

There will also be lots of one of a kind TFA Palettes to stock your stash in preparation for our TFA Summer Blanket KAL. So much good stuff!

Chestnut, Aurora, Nightwatch, Lucky Penny, Spearmint, Saffron, Caramel, Blaze.

Chestnut, Aurora, Nightwatch, Lucky Penny, Spearmint, Saffron, Caramel, Blaze.

Because I expect this to be a bit of a chaotic update we're actually planning for it to be a 2 part thing. We will do the Etsy Update at noon ET in the Etsy shop and immediately following that - probably around 1pm ET - there will be a dyed-to-order update right here on this website. I will add the 5-6 most popular colourways from the Etsy update to the Limited Edition section of our Colours page here (scroll down all the way to the bottom) and they will be available to order at your leisure in a variety of bases for about 24 hours. 

I hope this does't sound too complicated! Hectic Etsy Updates aren't everyones cup of tea - though I know for a fact that some people absolutely love them! And we love dyeing for them because we get to experiment and include one of a kind batches of non-repeatable, really special colourways. If you don't like the fast pace of the Etsy Updates then sit it out and see what colourways were the big hits of the day by shopping the Dye-To-Order portion of the update on Friday afternoon. Hopefully it's a win-win for everyone! 

And YES, I will absolutely combine orders and issue refunds for overages in S&H charged if you place multiple orders on Etsy or the regular shop (for dyed-to-order or permanent collection colourways). I ALWAYS double check when I'm shipping. 

Angelfish - a new favourite!

Angelfish - a new favourite!

So that's all folks! Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway here and I'll see you tomorrow at the update. Woohoo!