What does this skein want to become?

Hello friends! I have had a rough weekend (I know it's Tuesday but I'm still recovering!) I haven't talked about my pregnancy a tonne here and part of the reason why is because I'm still trying to figure out how much personal stuff I should share, how much I'm comfortable with and how much you really want to know. Years ago, when my audience was smaller, I shared more. I think I'd like to go back to that because I love having this online journal of mine to come back to. I've recently been looking back over blog posts from when I was expecting Rowan and Micah and I love being able to revisit those precious times. 

The second reason why I haven't been talking about the pregnancy much is because I don't want to complain, and I feel like if I'm being honest about how I'm feeling then I'm going to have to complain a bit, because I feel lousy! It's been so different this time around. My pregnancy with Micah was very different from my pregnancy with Rowan, and this one has been different again! These kiddos really like to keep me on my toes right from the get go. I've been suffering from SPD for the past few months and it's made everything (sitting, standing, lying down, rolling over, walking... literally everything!) difficult and painful. The fact that it is winter and the ground is icy and uneven has made things even worse since it's very hard for me to go out on my own - I will fall, and even if it's not a major fall, just a little slip, it's excruciating and I pay for it for days after. I'm told that it will all go away after the baby is born but for the past few months I've just had to deal with it. I think that I've been managing ok. The baby is healthy and happy and I will soon forget all about this discomfort.

This past weekend I got what I can only assume was the flu. I'm still crossing my fingers that rather than a conventional flu it was actually signs of early labour (I read one article online that said it's common for women to experience flu-like symptoms a few days before going into labour and I am clinging to it!!!) however I am mostly on the mend now and still no signs of actual labour so... maybe it was just the flu. I am ready for our little lady to arrive! I am full term, bags are packed, grandparents are on call for the boys, let's do this! The baby could arrive anytime from 0-21 days from now, but I'm really hoping that it's sooner rather than later! Rowan was right on time, Micah was late, she's got to be the one who comes early right!? Send good vibes!

Kama Sutra colourway by  Must Stash Yarn

Kama Sutra colourway by Must Stash Yarn

So, back to business, I have this gorgeous skein of self striping sock yarn in the Kama Sutra colourway by Must Stash Yarn. The photo above makes it look like 2 skeins, and that's because it actually is... the yarn comes in two identical 50g skeins so if you were to knit a pair of socks with it you'd have perfectly matching socks. Clever right? I fell hard for this pastel rainbow after watching Jenn's progress on Instagram. I purchased a skein as soon as it was in stock and totally intended to knit a pair of socks with speckled heels, toes and cuffs just like Jenn's. But then... it arrived yesterday and it's just so freeking gorgeous and I can't help but think that it would make a really great baby sweater, right!?!? I immediately thought of doing up a little Tin Can Knits Playdate cardigan but wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions for self striping fingering weight yarn sweaters. The struggle with taking self striping yarn intended for socks and using it for a sweater is that when the stitch counts change in the sweater the stripe width will change in the yarn... socks are essentially tubes, so the stripes stay the same width throughout, but a sweater is a bit trickier. 

I'm also hoping that as soon as I get invested in knitting just one more baby knit that Murphy's Law will strike and the baby will arrive before the sweater is done, foiling all my plans! That's always the way isn't it?

What do you think? Any favourite sweater patterns for self striping sock yarn?