All You Need Scarf

I've added a All You Need Scarf Kits to the shop! I highly recommend this knit. ;)

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All You Need

Pattern: All You Need by Heidi Kirrmaier. 

Yarn: TFA All You Need yarn bundle

Ravelry Project page here.

Now this was a fun knit. I knew it would be - the clever modular construction (you can see a snippet of the construction in this pic) made it interesting and the bright colours kept it fun! You could obviously knit this scarf in any number of colour combos. I was seriously considered doing mine in black and white with just a single red letter but then my brilliant mother suggested the Hudson Bay palette and I was sold. I've wanted to knit a Hudson Bay inspired project for ages but couldn't decide what exactly I wanted. This scarf is unique and special enough to carry the weight of this iconic colour palette. I'm thrilled at how it all came together and the good news is Chris likes it too! 

Though the kit was inspired by this scarf pattern it would be useful for so many other projects too - baby blankets, a Hudson Bay striped Gramps cardigan! Hats and mitts. I love the scarf, but I also just love this classic colour combo on just about anything so don’t let the “scarf kit” title deter you if you have other ideas for this yarn bundle!