Faded Marled Flax


Pattern: Flax by tincanknits.

Yarn: TFA PureWash Fingering in Reflection, Chris Grey, Lemongrass, Seabreeze, Tidal, Atlantic, Peacock & Cosmic Night..

Ravelry Project page here.

I’ve knit yet another tiny Flax! I think that this is my 12th Flax to date and it’s certainly not my last. Don’t you just love a pattern that you can knit over and over again? I rarely even deviate from the pattern, sometimes I omit the garter stitch panels, but usually I don’t because I really like it as is.

For this sweet little number I decided to hold 2 strands of fingering weight yarn together for a marled effect. I kept the MC consistent (I used our 2018 Gift Bundle colourway Reflection) and used odds and ends of grey/blue/green fingering weight yarns as the second strand for a pretty faded marl. I’m crazy about it! Some sections fade better than others and for a split second I thought that maybe I hadn’t nailed it and that I should have given more deliberate thought to how well things blended but looking at it now I love it just the way it is! I don’t mind that the bottom hem is a bit dark and that the stripe of Atlantic kinda sticks out. It’s perfectly imperfect and I know that it will look amazing on the blue eyed babe that it is intended for.

Looking at that swatch of the Reflection colourway all on it’s own makes me want to use it in another project. Expect to see lots more of it in the new year - it’s a new fave!