Moraine For Willow


Pattern: Moraine by tincanknits

Yarn:TFA PureWash Worsted in Garnet, Poppy and Bisou.

Ravelry Project page here.

As soon as I saw the sneak peek of this pattern on Tin Can Knits Instagram feed I fell hard. It reminds me a lot of a sweater that I had in university - only this is much nicer of course. Knit in worsted weight yarn this is a quick and satisfying knit. I love the subtle colour blocking in those lovely snowflakes in the yoke. A classic sweater in a classic palette for my classic beauty Willow. ;) This project came right on the tail of my series of scrappy Flax sweaters knit from stash and I stuck to my stash only rule for the most part by picking a skein of Poppy and Bisou off of my yarn wall and only reaching from the shelves for the MC Garnet. I am really happy with the choice of Bisou as the lightest shade rather than Natural or Sand for example. It’s more fun and it’s also more forgiving in case any of that bold red dared to bleed! (it didn’t bleed btw, and it shouldn’t but as a yarn dyer any combination of red and white/natural makes my heart rate go through the roof!)

Such a beautiful sweater. Now to knit one for myself… I feel like if I owned this sweater I would take up cross country skiing, it’s THAT powerful. I love it.