Hello Old Friend - Sunnyside Baby Sweater

Baby Sunnyside

PatternSunnyside - originally published in April of 2011. 

Yarn: TFA Fingering.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

My Sunnyside Baby Cardigan is far and away my most popular pattern ever. With over 4000 projects uploaded to Ravelry my heart skips a beat to think of all the babies that have worn their own little Sunnysides! All the momma’s who knit Sunnyside’s in anticipation of their little one’s arrival… it’s all just so lovely. I love this pattern and wouldn’t change a thing. Expect for maybe the layout… which I finally managed to find a bit up time to do over the weekend! I didn’t make any critical changes, I just updated the layout and added a few notes to some of the instructions to hopefully make them a bit clearer.

This sweater pattern includes a few customizable options like the garter stitch or picot hems and the cable or lace accents. Other than the obvious design elements that I think are cute, my favourite thing about this pattern is the knit-at-the-same-time button band. There is zero finishing required! Looking at it now I would probably have mirrored the cables/lace rather than having them all go in the same direction, but it’s not something that really bothers me. It certainly makes the pattern a heck of a lot simpler to do the same cable/lace between each set of markers. Adding in a mirrored motif would complicate the writing and make it potentially more confusing for newer knitters. That was my rational at the time. More advanced knitters could mirror the motifs on their own if it bothered them.

A classic basic baby sweater that is sure to be a staple in any discerning baby’s wardrobe. What’s better than that?