Last call for 2018 calendars!

TFA speckles

Hi guys! I've had a few appointments and deadlines to write in my calendar today and it reminded me of, frankly, just how much I love my TFA calendar! I've got a few left and since 2018 calendar buying season is coming to an end I think now would be a good time to offer a 20% coupon code for your last minute calendar purchases. Use code HELLO2018 for 20% off your 2018 TFA calendar

Aquarelle - Blue Label

Aquarelle - Blue Label

January has certainly started off with a bang for us. I am working day and night to get all of the Boxing Day orders in the mail! It's no joke, we received over a thousand orders on Boxing Day and that makes for a heck of a lot of packages to ship! To be clear, 1 order could be for anything from a single skein to 20 skeins, and 1 person could have placed a single order or, as is often the case, multiple orders (I think the record so far is 19 separate orders!) I felt I should clarify since boasting about over a thousand orders can be kinda misleading, I won't actually be mailing one thousand packages but still... it's a lot to process but I'm making good progress!

I'm giving myself a short break from packing and shipping orders this afternoon so I can A) order more shipping supplies (done!) and B) pop in with this quick little blog post for you. I actually happen to love mailing out orders for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that nothing makes me feel more productive and like I've really accomplished something than seeing a giant pile of packages with our TFA stickers on them headed to the post office. But the main reason I love it is because I get to fondle all the yarn! Despite the fact that I am surrounded by it every single day I never get tired of it. I literally gasp every time I grab a skein of Aquarelle - which is very cool, to still have this much passion for what I do. I truly love colourful skeins of yarn and though I actually don't love parting with them (it never gets easier, I would hoard every single skein if I could!) I adore being able to share my craft with so many knitters. 

So thanks for being so awesome and for supporting my family, and thanks also for being so understanding with me when it takes a few weeks to process your order. Normally I'm pretty swift when it comes to getting orders in the mail (at least I like to think so) but this year, with the number of orders we received and the state I'm in (33 weeks and counting!) it's probably going to take me a bit longer than I'd like. I'm not used to having to take breaks, but sometimes I need to sit and catch my breath. I advertised a 4-6 week shipping window for all the boxing day orders and I'm confident that I can meet that, I'm pretty sure I'll have everything in the mail by the end of the month but it still feels a little long... thank you for not giving me a hard time about it!