Found my knitting mojo with the help of my favourite colour

Rocket knits

Hi guys! I haven't blogged about a new project in ages and part of the reason why is because I haven't been feeling especially inspired as of late. Post-holiday burnout perhaps? Perhaps. Regardless of why it happens, it happens. It happens to all of us. And it never worries me because I know that my knitting mojo will always find it's way back to me. I think that I was stumped for the right project. At this point in my knitting life, I've knit everything. I've knit multiples of everything. To be honest, I do not need any more knits. I have more sweaters than any reasonable wardrobe should have and though I tell myself that knitting is part of (a big part of) my job and that I can't stop knitting myself sweaters just because I don't technically need any new sweaters at the moment, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to knit something that I don't need. The second part of my specific conundrum has to do with the fact that I am super pregnant and that even though we are in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record here in Montreal I am always overheating. It's definitely a pregnancy thing because I am not usually an overly hot person, but I haven't been able to wear a sweater all winter! 

Having said that... this week I got my groove back baby! I started thinking long and hard about what my sweater wardrobe is lacking and what sort of knits I wear the most. Basically I gave my hand knit wardrobe a critical once over. What I concluded I need in my life right now is loose fitting, flowy, lighter weight knits. I have shied away from lighter weight knits because I saw myself as more of a warm wooly knit-wearer. I was also scared of fingering weight sweaters for some reason. I had a mental block that convinced me that tackling a fingering weight sweater was crazy. Which is completely ridiculous. I know that now. Sure it's a bit more knitting than a worsted weight sweater, but it's so worth it!

So, what have I cast on? A Buttercup sweater/tee by Heidi Kirrmaier. I'm not sure how long I'll end up going with the sleeves, which is why I'm not sure if this will technically end up being a tee or more of a sweater in the end. I am particularly inspired by the fit of this version and am hoping that mine ends up fitting me like that rather than like the sample in the pattern shots. I'm optimistic but I won't know for sure for a few more months... after I've had the baby and then given my body a bit of time to stabilize. By the spring I'll be wearing this sweater for sure, though the final fit will likely fluctuate a lot as my bust size changes over the next year or two of nursing... So much to look forward to! I'll report back on the fit in 2020. ;)

The colour I'm using is a pale version of our Rocket colourway. I had set a few skeins aside that didn't quite meet my standards in terms of consistency but that I thought were very beautiful nonetheless. It's a perfect colour for a lightweight feminine top like this. Maybe too perfect? Too pastel and sweet paired with an already sweet and feminine pattern? We shall see. I'm hoping that a slouchy, tucked in hem (I plan on doing ribbing at the bottom hem rather than the lace detail option) will help balance out the overall cuteness of the look. I'm picturing it with jean shorts and in my mind it's super cool. 

I am loving every stitch of it so far! Full disclosure, I have another Rocket knit on the needles (sneak peek in the top photo) but I'll blog about that another day. Turns out our Rocket colourway is exactly what I needed to pull me out of a January funk. Thank goodness for happy blue speckled yarn, am I right!?