My Truss Shawl For Fall

Truss Shawl by Tanis Fiber Arts

Pattern: Truss Shawl by ME!

Yarn: TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight in "Not-Quite-Tartan"

Ravelry Project page here.

I LOVE THIS SHAWL! I designed this shawl as the feature pattern for the May instalment of our Year In Colour Club. My mother knit the original sample for me in the Club colourway Flox and I gave it back to her for keeps when I was done photographing it. I knew immediately that I would be knitting one for myself before the cool weather rolled in. I debated over what colourway to knit mine in for some time. Even though the original pattern sample features our Red Label Chasmere/Silk yarn - which is super dreamy for shawls - I really wanted to knit mine with our PureWash Fingering base because I have a real love affair with the light and airy fabric PureWash Fingering creates at a looser shawl gauge. However, I stumbled upon this single skein of Blue Label fingering weight in my stash, a OOAK colourway from a few years back, that is exactly the type of colours that I wanted for my fall version of this shawl so I went with it and I have absolutely no regrets! This colour is off the charts lovely. It's very close to our Tartan colourway, just a bit cooler toned. It's heavenly. 

Since I didn't knit much of the original sample it was fun to approach this pattern almost as though it was my first time working from it. It's a very soothing and relaxing knit. Easily memorized, just enough going on to never be boring, I'm still as thrilled with it today as I was when I first published it back in May. It's one of my very favourite of my patterns I think. 

I know that I'll be wearing this a ton as soon as the weather cools. I am officially ready for the arrival of fall now!

Truss Shawl by Tanis Fiber Arts