Etsy Update! Wednesday, September 20th at 12pm (noon) ET

We’ve got an Etsy Update coming at ya this Wednesday, September 20th at 12pm ET! You can find the Etsy shop right here and here's a link to a handy time zone converter in case you don't live in my time zone. At precisely 12pm on Wednesday our Etsy shop will be loaded with gorgeous speckled yarns and kits!

WHITE LIGHT full skeins sets

This update will feature mostly skeins (as opposed to kits) but when I feasted my eyes on this gorgeous rainbow of lightly speckled goodness I knew that they just had to be bundled up and sent off to new homes together as a package deal. This is the WHITE LIGHT full skein set. It features 6 full skeins of our now discontinued Green Label Aran Weight yarn. Truth be told we found a few boxes of Green Label in the garage (we thought that we had none left!) so a speckled Green Label Etsy Update seemed like the perfect opportunity to reclaim that space in the garage! (In case you missed it - Green Label was phased out and replaced full time by our organic PureWash Worsted weight base earlier this year.) So, that's why we've got a bunch of Green Label available in this update. This kit is spectacular. I may or may not have squirrelled one away for myself... 

Tanis Fiber Arts Etsy Update!!!

Taking photos of these gorgeous OOAK speckled colourways is sheer pleasure! All the editing and listing can get tedious, but playing with the yarn and focussing in on my favourite sections of each pile of skeins never gets old. I took proper glamour shots of each colourway, and even though it literally doubles my workload I could not help but take a few detailed shots of each batch of yarn as I was working with them. The nuances in these speckled colourways have to be seen close up (you can browse through my Flickr account for lots more images). They are just so much fun. We've focussed on wearable colourways for the majority of this update. Lots of "neutral speckles" (trust me, there is such a thing). Colourways that I think would make fantastic Flax sweaters, R&R Hoodies or Sunday Drives. And not just sweaters for kids, I'm talking adult sweaters. There are at least a dozen colourways in this week's update that I could very realistically see myself wearing a whole sweater in. Once again, I may or may not have put aside a few skeins specifically for that purpose... but I digress. 

We will have a wide assortment of colourways available in sweater quantities of the following bases: Green Label Aran Weight, PureWash DK, PureWash Fingering, Amber Label Cash/Silk DK Weight and Purple Label Cashmere Sock Yarn. 

See you on Wednesday friends!