Crystal Rhilea

Rhine by Suvi Simla knit by Tanis Fiber Arts

Pattern: Rhilea by Suvi Simola

Yarn: TFA PureWash DK Weight in "Not-Quite-Crystal"

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I cannot say enough good things about this sweater pattern. The construction was clever and interesting and the instructions were clear and very detailed - not overly complex, just completely thought out. Every stitch accounted for, everything always lining up perfectly, not a single thing overlooked. Sometimes patterns leave a bit of wiggle room for fudging, I'll admit to being guilty of doing this myself - giving the rate at which to pick up stitches rather than giving the exact number of stitches to pick up for every size - and in my defence that's usually because the number of stitches picked up, along the edge of a button band for example, changes depending on the length of the body and I usually encourage knitters to knit the body of their garments to the length that suits them best, so those numbers change. Regardless, this pattern was very thorough and clear and lovely. It was my first Suvi Simola pattern and I had a truly lovely experience with it. 

Rhine by Suvi Simla knit by Tanis Fiber Arts

My favourite detail is probably those two rows of purl stitches that run across the shoulder and down the sleeve. I also love how the sleeve cuffs are treated, the direction of the knitting changes and the ribbed cuffs are extra long. 

Rhilea is very loose fitting throughout the body. Paired with the trim sleeves, long cuffs and curved hem I think that the proportions are beautiful. I knit the smallest size and with a finished bust measurement of 44" that's a whopping 10-12" of positive ease on me (my bust size is currently in fluctuation due to my pregnancy). This extra ease is great for me right now, what with my ever expanding belly, but I think that it will be even more lovely post pregnancy when the belly is gone and the sweater will drape and flow beautifully. Kinda like my Veronika, I love it when I'm pregnant, but I love it even more when I'm not. 

The lacy back pattern is really pretty without being "too lacy" if you know what I mean. This sweater still provides plenty of warmth but the addition of the lace makes it lighter and of course adds interest. I like the graphic, textural element it adds. 

I sincerely do love the design of this sweater, and I think that I would love it just as much had I knit it in a solid colour, but... this colour... I would die for this colourway. It's a very slight variation on our January Club colourway Crystal and it's DA BOMB! It's just everything I've ever wanted in a colourway. Just look at it! I find myself staring at the cuffs of my sweater while I'm wearing it, just admiring the little flecks of neon colour that Chris so expertly painted into these skeins. He's amazing, a real talent. I think that I have used Crystal in no less than 7 projects since January and I am still not over it. It's exclusive to Club members until the end of the year and then BAMO, we'll be doing a dyed to order Crystal update for sure. You all need some Crystal in your life! Have I made my point about how much I love Crystal? No? I really LOVE Crystal. K, I'm done. 

Rhine by Suvi Simla knit by Tanis Fiber Arts & my baby belly!

Baby bump! I think that I am officially crossing over into the phase of pregnancy where I definitely look pregnant and not just like maybe I ate a big lunch. I'm feeling good and the whole family is excitedly watching my belly grow. Rowan checks out my belly every day and exclaims "You're getting so huge!" I love it.