WIP Wednesday - Tartan-esque Truss Shawl

The top photo up there was the listing shot I used a few years back for a small batch of Blue Label fingering weight yarn in a colourway I had called "Too Tartan". I don't really feel like the colourway name makes any sense because it's not really an amped up version of Tartan at all. It's Tartan-esque... anyways, I've been hoarding a single skein from the batch for years and finally found the perfect project for it. I'm making a Truss shawl! It's going to be just right for fall. The colourway is knitting up beautifully. This is such a lovely project. Soothing and meditative with just enough excitement every 4th row to keep things interesting. I've just crossed the half way point and am already looking forward to unravelling all that beautiful fringe!

Whatcha working' on?