And we're BACK!!!

The shop is open, fully stocked and ready for orders! I'll be making more Mini Sock Yarn Skein Sets as soon as I can. Also, stay tuned for a What The Fade update soon, because... how could I not!?

What a month! This summer we spent a glorious 23 days at the cottage (including 2 travel days). The first week was rough as we all decompressed, got into vacation mode and came up with a game plan for how to deal with the fact that Micah is NOT a good sleeper - not great at home and absolutely terrible away from home - we were zombies! We worked out a system that involved me sleeping in the bottom bunk in Rowan's room and Micah spending most of the night kicking Chris in the head in "our" bed. Good times! 

Despite the sleepless nights, we are miraculously refreshed. I love our little slice of paradise more than anything and feel so incredibly lucky that I'm able to bring my kids back to the place that shaped me every summer. Rowan and I cried as we drove away from the shore, heartbroken that our time there was over for another year, but grateful for the memories we made this summer.

Every year when we return from the cottage I realize that I subconsciously missed something about our regular life at home that I didn't think I would. Last year it was my collection of coffee mugs, I was so happy to see them upon our return! This year it was our bathroom. We all share 1 bathroom and though it's not glamorous, it's so lovely to take 5 minutes to myself in the morning and evening for a little bit of self care. Somehow I fell out of that routine while away and didn't realize how much I missed it.

Though I brought yarn for 4 projects with me, I didn't knit a stitch while I was away! That happens to me sometimes while I'm on vacation, I don't do it intentionally, but sometimes I think my mind just needs to not think about knitting for a bit. That might sound crazy to some, but I'm sure it's healthy. I devoured 3.5 books (much of my reading time would have normally been spent knitting - I'm not comfortable knitting and reading at the same time, though what a game changer it would be if I was!) and I took an almost complete break from social media. Again, not intentional, it just kinda happened and was shockingly easy. I'm happily back to perusing Instagram in my spare moments and look forward to sharing more over there again starting very soon, but I do not regret the accidental break. 

The boys start back at daycare next week and Chris and I have started brainstorming for our next update and mapping out what our fall will look like. I'm looking forward to getting back to work and feeling productive. I hope you've all been enjoying your summer as much as we have!