Joji's Mystery Wrap - My Palette(s)

Before I dive too deeply into all my planned chat about the drama involved in choosing my palette for Joji's Mystery Wrap KAL, I wanted to take a moment to send out 1 million virtual hugs to all of our amazing customers, old and new, who stopped by on Sunday and participated in our Mother's-Day-Dyed-To-Order-Speckled-Extravaganza-Update. We're going to have a very busy month and we're so excited about it. Thank you! 

Jodi's Mystery Wrap Palette

So, Joji's Mystery Wrap. Where to begin! First of all, are you knitting it? I was on the fence only because it's a big commitment to dive into a 5 week long, 5 skein, mystery project without any guarantee that you're going to like to results. But then I cheated and snuck a peek at the spoiler thread in her Ravelry group and saw some very speedy knitter's progress and I was hooked! It's so cool. Why I ever doubted Joji I don't know. I swear I'll never doubt her again. So then it came time to pick a palette. I talked my mom into knitting it as well so she came over and we started going through all our options. I brought out my bin of coveted/hoarded purchased fingering weight yarn (not to be confused with my bin of coveted/hoarded dyed-by-TFA fingering weight yarn) because this seemed like the perfect project to finally put a few of those stashed skeins to good use. After much deliberation mom and I each picked a palette:

Mom chose the top palette: Crystal, Atlas, Blueberry Burst, Rose Grey and a long stashed skein of The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in The Very Quiet Cricket. 

I chose the bottom palette: Iris-esque, Brick, Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Glazed, Caramel and Sand.

We had each chosen a star and built the palette around it, which is a really good way to build a palette in my opinion. Mom's star is Blueberry Burst and my star was Glazed (both pictured in the bottom left of our respective stacks.) I know, you're all totally blown away by my palette. It's so outside my comfort zone! I acknowledge that yet I was fully committed to branching out and trying something new. I wholeheartedly love this palette. It's so rich and beautiful and would make an amazing wrap... but... not for me. It's just not me and I wasn't comfortable or confident knitting with it. I knit an 1/2 of Clue 1 and wasn't sold on my colour placement but thought that maybe I just needed to rearrange the colours. So I started over with a different colour placement and still felt very lukewarm about it. Check out this instagram post to see this palette knit up (you'll have to scroll through a few images to get to it).

So I admitted defeat and went back to the drawing board with a clearer understanding of what would make me happy. When I looked deep into my heart the answer was clear: turquoise

Highlighter, the Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in Blue Lobster, Crystal, Seabreeze and Peacock.

Highlighter, the Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in Blue Lobster, Crystal, Seabreeze and Peacock.

So I picked my all time favourite palette and started fresh and I'm so happy that I did because now I know that I am going to love this wrap. Ravelry project page with a spoiler pick of my progress so far knit up in this palette here

I've started a thread in our TFA Ravelry group for us to have our own little KAL within the KAL. 

Are you in? Have you chosen your colours? Was it as hard for you as it was for me?