Handspun Crazyheart

Crazyheart by Tanis Fiber Arts

Pattern: Crazyheart by Tanis Lavallee (me!)

Yarn: TFA handspun for the yoke and TFA PureWash DK in Rose Grey and Chris Grey for the body. 

Ravelry Project page here.

I started this little sweater as part of the CrazyCamaroKAL we hosted earlier this year. For such a sweet and quick little knit I sure let it drag on. For ages it was missing just 1 sleeve and when I sat down and finally finished it I think it took all of about 1.5 hours, tops. I know exactly what was making me procrastinate on picking this up and giving it the final push... I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to get the entire sweater out of 1 skein of Rose Grey and that I'd have to crack into a second skein for just a few yards. It's a ridiculous thing to make me get derailed, after all, I had set aside 2 skeins of Rose Grey precisely for this purpose, but something inside me just did not want to find out that I was going to be so close yet just short. In the end, I did run out of my first skein half way through the ribbing on the second sleeve, so literally 3 tiny rounds from the end. I refused to break into a second skein for such a minimal amount of yardage and was all set to turn it into a feature and use the Chris Grey for the second cuff when I realized that I had some leftover Rose Grey in Yellow Label just sitting there on my leftover yarn wall. It's not an absolutely perfect match, but it's definitely good enough! 

When I pointed it out to Chris has said (like he always does) that that's exactly the type of thing that he loves about hand made garments. And he's so right. Nothing too perfect, always a little signature, a reminder that this was made by a human. I love that. 

This sweater is so super cute and I love how pretty the handspun is in the yoke. I also love the combination of Rose Grey and Chris Grey! I've made 3 striped Crazyhearts and for all 3 I've opted for a very low contrast stripe and I'm a big fan. If you converted this image to black and white I bet you'd barely see the stripes, but that's what I like, colourwork doesn't always have to be loud to be impactful.  

Crazyheart by Tanis Fiber Arts

I have loads of this handspun left which is a thrill because I love it. I think I'm going to set some time aside very soon to do some spinning. I haven't spun in 2 years!!! I know that for certain because Micah will be 2 next week and I haven't gotten any spinning done since the week before he was born when I went on a massive (for me) spinning kick. Micah is a sweetheart but he is not the kind of kid that can be trusted around roving...