Hashtag TFA Pretty Corners

I'm starting a new weekly blog series where I'll post a beautiful, inspirational, mostly-fiber-licious image or two (or three!) every Friday. The thing is, my house is a mess most of the time. The kids are young, we work from home, there is Cheerio dust and crayons everywhere... My WIP's end up stacked in weird places because nowhere is safe from Micah's climbing abilities! Despite the chaos there are beautiful moments to be found and appreciated if I just take a minute to look beyond the noise and focus on a pretty corner. 

I won't tidy up first, I won't reorganize or compose the perfect picture, I'll just narrow in on what my eye is drawn to and ignore the rest. 

I'm going to post my pretty corners to social media with the hashtag #TFAPrettyCorners and I invite you to do the same! I hope that it makes us all realize that our lives are full of beauty, even on days when things get a little messy. ;)