Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive is available on my website here and on Ravelry here at the introductory rate of $6. Price will go up to $9 on March 7th! The sample I'm wearing is knit in PureWash Worsted in the Cosmic Night colourway. 

I'm not sure what to say about this sweater other than it's my perfect, dream cardigan. It's comfy and cozy and absolutely the most comfortable thing to throw on over your jeans and t-shirt yet somehow also tailored and maybe even kinda dressy if worn with the right shirt and pants. Basically, it's my everything. 

I've knit a lot of cardigans in my day and one of my all time favourites, and one that I've worn very consistently for the past 5 years, is my Nanook. It's such a beautiful sweater but every so often, if I was wearing it on a chilly day, I'd wish that I could fasten it closed and/or I'd wish that I had something covering the back of my neck. Though the two sweaters are completely unrelated, I'm pretty sure it was that line of thinking on one of those chillier days that lead me to design Sunday Drive.  

Sunday Drive features lots of lush texture. Predominantly knit in garter stitch, with crisp ribbed hems and cuffs and sleek stockinette stitch sleeves - I just love the juxtaposition of textures. For me, that's what makes this modern. What makes it interesting is the construction. Sunday Drive is knit from the top down in one piece with set in sleeves. Casting on and getting started is a bit of a puzzle, so I've provided a schematic in the pattern to help clarify how it all comes together. 


This pattern has been extensively test knit. It was my first time doing an open call for testers over in the Ravelry group and having 2 knitters test knit each size. Since it features a new construction for me I wanted to make sure that I got it right! There are already several gorgeous projects on Ravelry in a variety of sizes to help you visualize how this sweater might work for you and how it knits up in different yarns, hand dyed or not, solid or speckled! This design is very well suited to neutrals and classic sweater colourways but I personally think that this is a really fun one to experiment with a slightly more dynamic colourway than you might normally dare to for a sweater. The garter stitch looks fantastic in a speckle or a more variegated tonal 

This pattern has been a long time coming and I'm so happy to finally be sharing it with the world! February was a big month for me in terms of pattern releases, I released a new pattern every Tuesday this month! Camaro, Crazyheart, Luminosity and now Sunday Drive. It's not something that I had planned, but I'm pretty excited that it all worked out so neatly!