Fashion Friday - Camaro, the Original


That light! Guys, this is officially my new favourite photo of myself. I miss fall. 

So this week I was pretty excited to do the grand reveal of my new Camaro pattern, and today I am equally excited to finally share these rock star photos we took of my original Camaro prototype. Doing knitwear photography can sometimes be a little bit funny in that you've got to highlight the garment and make sure to capture all the details (obviously) and though you want to look good (also obviously) shoots are often more about making sure that you can see all the details of the back increases rather than focussing on the intricacies of the cute outfit you've put together. However, I also love the idea of showing a knit item in real life. I tried hard a few years ago to do that sort of thing more often with my Fashion Friday series and maybe it's time it make a comeback! This is how I most often wore this longer, looser Camaro. With slim pants, cute boots and my little rock n' roll bomber. This is one of my favourite fall outfits.

I keep referring to this version as the prototype because I changed a few things for the final version of the pattern. I actually re-knit the bottom of this sweater this fall to reflect those changes, but in the photo above you can see that the shaping down the front falls on either side of 2 centre stitches, in the final version I made it a bit crisper by putting the shaping on either side of a single centre stitch. Not a big edit by any means, but I do think it makes a difference in the final pattern. 

This was one of those sweaters that just kinda came together without too much planning, which I happen to think is the only way to do it if you're aiming for a "random" look. When I was working the stripes I grabbed a bunch of leftover skeins of grey and that pop of Lemongrass and just went for it. No plan whatsoever. I can't recall what it was that I saw that made me want to use this scheme in this particular way, but whatever it was I'm thankful for it! Actually, and this really plays into the randomness of the whole project, I'm pretty sure that this image is what I was thinking about when I started this design... The final version is pretty far removed from the original inspiration, isn't it fun to see how a design progresses from idea to finished piece?

And this photo below just cracks me up. I was trying to get the jacket and the stripe in the pants and the boots all in the shot and ended up in this squat position and I just don't know... It looks like I'm taking my posing very seriously. I kinda love it. Double points for sporting 2 doses of leopard print in one outfit!