Boxing Day Etsy Update Extravaganza!!!

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Here we go guys! We have been super busy behind the scenes dyeing up as many one of a kind colourways in as many bases as we possibly can squeeze in to one giant Etsy Update! Here are the details:

Boxing Day Etsy Update on December 26th at 12pm (noon) ET! Link to Etsy shop here. The shop will appear empty until exactly noon on the 26th at which point it will be overflowing with yarn! 

This update will feature $1 a skein shipping ($2 for overseas orders). I always do my best to catch any multiple orders and bundle them together to save on packaging and trips to the post office. With $1 a skein shipping there are no overcharges to refund so it saves me a lot of time in administrative tasks. Win-win! I am marking each item as being ready to ship in 4-6 weeks. I expect to have things out the door and on their way to their loving homes much sooner than that but I won't be starting to ship immediately as I'll be taking some time off to chill with family after the 26th and I think it's wise to build in a little wiggle room. 

This year's update will feature just about every single one of our bases (see the full run down on our yarns page). Lots of sweater quantities and lots of colourways! Solids, speckles, the works! This style of update is a bit of a mad dash since quantities are limited and you have to act quick. It's fast and furious and fun! 

I'm working hard to get all of the images of available yarns into one somewhat organized Flickr Album. Check it out here to see high-res shots of all the yarns that will be available. I'll be adding to it almost daily right up until the last minute!


Also back by popular demand we've made up a whole bunch of Mystery Skein Sets! These are 3-colour skein sets of fingering weight yarns in gorgeous groupings. Each set will include a skein of Cosmic Blue Label, Purple Label and Red Label - one of each base and each base a different colour (each set features 2 of our permanent collection colourways and one knock-out speckle!). Each set will be a surprise, but each will be made up of colourways that I would personally use in a shawl together. I’m envisioning these sets being awesome for shawls since there are so many beautiful 3 colour shawl patterns out there, or, you could of course knit 3 separate projects with them.

So Faded Cool: Poolside, Atlas, Hummingbird, Luna, Silent Movie.

So Faded Cool: Poolside, Atlas, Hummingbird, Luna, Silent Movie.

So Faded Pink: Silent Movie, Crystal, Smitten, Paisley, Laurel.

So Faded Pink: Silent Movie, Crystal, Smitten, Paisley, Laurel.

We'll have a bunch of So Faded palettes in the update. Our most popular Cool Palette as well as this really beautiful Pink Palette featuring my very favourite colourway Crystal!

Gift Bundle

We will also be selling the Gift Bundles as part of the Etsy Update - stock is dwindling but there are still a few left and with $1 shipping it's a great deal! The option of purchasing multiple skeins will be available in a drop down menu within the listing. 

Lastly, On January 1st I'll be raising the price of all of our PureWash bases by $1 a skein to reflect the climb in cost of fibres. It's something I hate to do, but I'd rather raise the price in small increments than sit on it until it's too late and I have to hit you with a big jump in price all at once!