Shop News

Hi Gang! A few bits of business first:

Mini Sock Yarn Skein Sets have been restocked and the plan is to keep restocking as regularly as I need to in order to have them available as frequently as possible between now and the holidays - I'll be aiming for weekly restocks, which I think oughta do it.

• The 2018 Calendars are now available in the shop! They will also be included as part of our holiday Gift Bundle which will be available mid-November. Stay tuned for lots more about that!

• There are still a handful of White Light Skein Sets available.

Mitten kits are next on my list! I'll be restocking lots of colourways and I'll even have a new pattern coming soon!

Things in the TFA studio are as busy as they ever get and it's all lots of fun. This time of year is always very inspiring - but it can certainly weigh on me and start to feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. So many kits I'd love to make available, but just never enough time! I've accepted it. I like this pace. I like to be busy and to be striving forward and making plans. I do sometimes/often wish that I had an extra pair of hands to help me wind all those mini skeins and that Chris had a helper out in the studio to dye twice the yarn in half the time! And the truth is those are very realistic dreams. There is absolutely nothing stopping us from expanding our business to include an out-of-house studio space where we can accommodate staff and produce more. But here's the catch... I love our life! I love that we do it all ourselves. That we can leave early to pick up a child at daycare should the need arise, that I can take a long weekend to go visit family out of town without worrying about what's happening at the studio while I'm away. That I can have my kids home with me if I choose to (since I'm being honest, I choose to have my kids at daycare 4 days a week... but the fact that I can keep them at home with me until I feel that they are ready to start daycare and that I have that choice is so important to me.) 

I have a vision of our future that involves a big studio with high ceilings and exposed brick walls, with shelves upon shelves of always well stocked yarn and kits. Of a dedicated spot for shipping supplies, a spot for photography and a maybe even a shopfront where people can visit us in person. Maybe one day, but not today. Today I'm happy to be making kits in my home office in my pyjamas. I'm content to never be more than 12 feel away from my office and yarn stash so I can pounce on a project the second inspiration strikes. And I'm happiest of all to be doing it surrounded by those I love the most.