PureWash is here + 5 New Colours + Free Shipping!

So, big day over here guys. Very big day indeed. I think that the title of this post pretty much sums it up but let me break it down for you in point form just so that this post isn't completely blank:

1) I've added all the PureWash bases, as well as Red Label to the site! Now when you click on the drop down menu the first 6 bases are in stock and will be dyed to order in whatever colourway your heart desires!

2) Speaking of colourways, I've chosen 5 favourites from the Boxing Day Update and added them to our permanent collection of colourways. Hunter, Mint, Prism, Plum Pudding and Lightning are now permanently available. I've already knit a hat in Lightning and I'm so glad that it's here to stay. I love them all!

3) Because this is a lot of exciting news I thought it was worth celebrating so I've cooked up a little promo code for you: enter code "freeshipping" at checkout to receive, you guessed it, free shipping on your order until 11:59PM EST on Friday Jan 27th. 

It has been a busy morning, I'm off to sit and knit a bit. Hope you're having a great Wednesday! 

x Tanis x

ps: I know that so many of you are reading this right now and thinking: "what about Hummingbird!?!?" Stay tuned... we've got a dyed to order update coming down the pipeline next. ;)