WIP Wednesday - I'm back baby!

Oh, hello friends. Here I am just casually working in my office, sporting a skein necklace and having an important teleconference meeting. Ha! I'm browsing the new Brooklyn Tweed collection online and talking to my sister on the phone. It's all an illusion!

Guys, last week I felt overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to do and the lists that I had been making while my days were otherwise occupied by baby Micah. Mostly though, I was just sad because Micah had started daycare and I can't believe how quickly time flies and I am struggling to accept the fact that these boys of mine will one day grow up. I dream of them growing into the types of adults who want to live at home and work in their mother's yarn dyeing business with her forever! But Chris reminds me that that's not really what I want for them, maybe a little independence is a good thing... But not yet. Dear God not yet! They are still babies so I'm going to wallow in it a bit longer. 

Anyways, eternal baby dreams aside, it took me all of 3 days to get very comfortable with the idea of Micah spreading his wings at daycare and myself relishing my freedom at home and at work! I didn't quite know what to do with myself this time last week, but today, today I am very happily keeping myself very busy. I've sorted out my desk as best as I can - I consider myself a very organized person but my desk just looks at me and screams "liar!". I've made very good headway at taking a few of my most loved self-designed-but-never-published sweater patterns and finally working them out into finished designs. I've crossed a few minor tasks off of that epic to-do list, and I'm feeling pretty great! 

I've picked up the stitches for the border on my blanket and am well on my way to having a great, chunky edging on that beauty. I can't wait to block it, it's so crisp and colourful and awesome! I'm also working on a simple sock knit in our 8-ply twist sock yarn (an occasional Club or Etsy exclusive base) in Hummingbird and I'm remembering why it is that I prefer knitting socks top-down with a gusset heel. It's just so comfortable to me. I love working he slipped stitch heel and find it repetitive and soothing. Turning the heel is so satisfying. I love picking up stitches around the heel flap and working the decreases after those stitches are picked up makes the foot just fly by. Yup. It's my favourite. It's not always the right choice for socks, but for a simple stockinette sock in a fun colourway it just can't be beat in my book. 

So, watcha workin' on this Wednesday?