Rook Mitten Pattern

Introducing the Rook Fingerless Mitts! This pattern is available for sale on Ravelry here and on my website here

Whenever we get a new yarn in the studio I immediately want to cast on for something new and exciting with it. At the same time I am often struck with indecision, which is unusual for me as I am typically a very decisive person. I feel so much pressure to pick the best possible project to highlight the yarn. What colour should I feature? What pattern should I knit? A shawl? Socks? A sweater? The arrival of our PureWash Fingering base saw me struggling with all these decisions, but in the end I'm really happy with the directly that I ended up going in. 

The yarn is crisp, smooth and soft. I initially chose a more elaborate cabled motif for these mitts, but quickly frogged that idea in favour of this striking basketweave pattern. I have become completely obsessed with this texture! A pair of socks has already been cast on and sketches for a sweater and a hat are in the works featuring this pattern as well. I just can't get enough! 

From the pattern blurb:

As knitters we wait with bated breath for the arrival of fall and the return to a life full of warm, wooly goodness! The first hint of chill is upon us and though it’s not quite cool enough to pull out my full blown winter gear I’m desperate to wear wool again and these fingerless mitts are just the thing to keep me happy during these transitional weeks.

This new yarn and the wave of creative inspiration that it has spurred in me has come at just the right time. I haven't felt like I've been spreading my wings creatively in terms of my design career lately but now I just can't stop imagining all the things that I'd like to knit in our PureWash bases!