Mood Board Monday - Gold and Grey

Don't forget about today's Etsy Update at 12pm (noon) EST! Details in Friday's blog post. ;)

A current WIP in  Gold  laying on a bed of  Slate ,  bouquet ,  wheat ,  leaf ,  shoes ,  lemons ,  paint ,  house , my  Gold  WIP with my gold stitch markers!

A current WIP in Gold laying on a bed of Slatebouquetwheatleafshoeslemonspainthouse, my Gold WIP with my gold stitch markers!

More specifically this post could have been titled "Gold and Slate" because that's the exact combo I'm crushing on big time these days, but really Gold looks great with any grey, so I'm trying to be open minded and all inclusive here today. :) I just love this colour pairing. The truth is, I'm a die hard fan of cool blue/grey's but am not typically drawn to yellows*. The two paired together, however, has totally won my heart!

*Though I claim to not love yellow, I've used our Gold colourway in 13 projects according to Ravelry! This project will be the 14th, so maybe I am a bigger yellow lover than I thought!