Aquarelle Flax


PatternFlax by tincanknits

Yarn: TFA Green Label in Aquarelle. 

Ravelry project page here.

I knit this sweater for Micah hot off the heels of my first speckled Flax back in May. I loved the first version so much, but knew that it wouldn't fit him for long and decided to set it aside in the gift pile and instead knit him another one in the next size up. The pattern is so quick to knit in these wee sizes that knitting it twice, especially in a fun yarn, is no trouble at all. The Aquarelle colourway is one of the first speckled colours that we did for a big update back when we were just starting to experiment with this technique. Though I love it, our initial runs were unpredictable and I think that since developing this colourway we've made quite a bit of progress in terms of consistency between batches. Just like my Comet version and my speckled Chevy hat, I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how well these wild colourways knit up. 

Since fall has officially arrived in my part of the world I've finally had a chance to dress my boys in their warm wooly sweater again and I have to say, it feels good! 

Also!!! This is kind of a huge discovery and any parent of young children should definitely pay close attention to what I'm about to write because it could change your life: THIS COLOURWAY HIDES EVERYTHING!!! Yogurt? Peanut butter? Cracker crumbs? Not a trace of evidence is left behind. Game changer.