TFA's Summer Blanket KAL - and a giveaway!

We're gearing up for an awesome summer knit along and I'm super excited about it! Blankets are the perfect summer knitting project because they can be as mindless or as challenging as you want. They can be as small or as large as you want. They can be as subtle or as colourful as you want. There is no end to the construction possibilities. Frankly, they are the perfect customizable knit. Knitting a warm wooly blanket in the summer might seem counter intuitive, but so many awesome blanket patterns are knit in pieces and then seemed, making them the perfect project to chip away at in small bits over the course of many afternoons lounging in the sun. 

The details: 

The Dates: Cast on June 24th and cast off September 5th.

Rules: Knit ANY blanket you want in ANY TFA yarn. 

Tags: Tag your project on Ravelry with TFABlanketKAL and be sure to hasthtag #TFABlanketKAL if you post pics on social media so I can see them!

Inspiration: Check out our pinterest boards for loads of blanket inspiration here

Fun: There will of course be some great prizes too, because that’s always more fun!

Check out the official Ravelry thread here

Since it's Monday, I thought it would be fun to start slow and make a mood board of some of the simplest, loveliest blanket patterns I could find. All about simple colour and texture this aught to help ease you into your summer blanket knitting plans.

The thought of knitting an entire blanket can be daunting because we think of them as BIG. But baby blankets or lap sized blankets aren't much more of a commitment than a large scarf and if you choose your project wisely a blanket can be an easier undertaking than you might think. 

For ages I've been wanting to knit a pure and simple striped garter stitch blanket like the Purl Bee's Super Easy Baby Blanket out of one of our palettes, this KAL might be the perfect time to do it. Now to choose a colour scheme... The hardest part right? To help make your life a little bit easier we've stocked our shop with a selection of TFA Palettes that I hope to be able to have available consistently from now on. The colourways may change to keep things fresh, but the Palettes will (hopefully) always be available. I also may continue to update our Etsy shop with one of a kind palette colourways (there are a few there right now!) because we don't always have enough of a specific colourway in stock to list them on the site, if there are only 1 or 2 available I'll add them to Etsy. Is that confusing? I'm still working out the best way to make things available as often as possible. Bare with me! 

And, because I can't mention a blanket KAL without mentioning our favourite blanket designers I highly recommend you check out the Tin Can Knits blanket patterns, many of which make amazing use of one of our palettes. Of course there is also all the purl bee blanket patterns, when it comes to easy, high impact blankets, they can't be beat. 

Did somebody say giveaway? To kick this KAL party off on the right foot, let's giveaway this beautiful Palette shall we? Leave a comment on this blog post before Wednesday to be entered to win. 

cobalt, seabreeze, lemongrass, buttercup, orange blossom, pink grapefruit, sweetheart, jewel.

cobalt, seabreeze, lemongrass, buttercup, orange blossom, pink grapefruit, sweetheart, jewel.

So, are you in? What kind of blanket are you going to knit?