Silk Linum Tee

PatternLinum Tee by Bristol Ivy

Yarn: TFA Silver Label in Sand 

Ravelry project page here.

I knit a summer tee and I'm so proud of it! You guys... Game changer! I can really see myself wearing this and it has completely opened my eyes to summer knits. Previously, I had knit myself exactly 2 summer items, this tank that looks kinda horrible that I never wear (but I look so young in those terrible FO shots!) and this tank that I do rarely wear but would totally wear much more if I fixed the too tight bind off. It's on the list! I actually really love my Seabord tank. I'd like to knit it again but in a larger size so it really drapes. I've also considered knitting that pattern again, but upping the gauge to DK and adding sleeves. It's also on the list! Sidebar - my "list" is really long...

The Linum tee is really lovely. The smallest size offered in the pattern is a 38" bust, which is too much positive ease for me. I knit the smallest size with a slightly thinner yarn on one size smaller needles to achieve something that is about 34" wide. I may have overshot in my downsizing. Though I am happy with the outcome, I might be even happier if it had an extra inch or 2 of positive ease. The silk is quite clingy and for all my talk of drapey-tees this number doesn't really fit the bill. It's a bad habit of mine to air on the smaller side when knitting for myself. Part of is has got to be laziness - smaller sizes knit up that much quicker - but it's also a mental block. I used to like things to be really fitted, now that my preference has changed I need to remember to think a bit harder about choosing sizes with positive ease.

Other than yarn and needle size I did an i-cord edging on the neckline as well as around both sleeve openings. I love how neatly finished the edges are with this application. I am also very pleased at how nicely the stitches picked up around the neck. Picking up stitches in a non-forgiving fabric like silk (or cotton or linen) can be really tricky and result in gaps and holes if you don't get it just right. 

Knitting with silk is such a pleasure. I deliberately chose Sand for this top because, surprisingly enough, it's one of my favourite colours (so boring right?) but also because I was picturing myself wearing it all tanned and gorgeous. Imagine my surprise when I put it on and realized that I am white and pasty. I think that I can still pull it off, but I'll check back in later on this summer when I've gotten a little bit of colour and this top really glows!

I'm planning a silk update for sometime in the next couple of weeks. Now that I plan on knitting a whole new summer wardrobe in silk I think it's only fair that I share the love. Stay tuned!