There will be an Etsy update on Sunday, June 12th at 12pm (noon) EST.

You can find the shop here, it will appear empty until exactly 12pm EST on Sunday at which point it will magically become full of yarn! All of the yarn in this update is ready to ship and I hope to have it in the mail within a week.

This update features loads of small batches of experimental colourways in a variety of bases. Mostly Blue Label Fingering Weight, Yellow Label DK Weight and Green Label Aran Weight with a few other things are peppered in there as well. We've been having a blast experimenting with new dyeing techniques and the results are amazing and special. These skeins are truly unique. There is quite a bit of variation among some of our earlier experimental batches but as we perfect this technique things are becoming more predictable (but no less lovely!) 

Since there isn't a huge amount of each colourway, this will likely end up being one of those hectic Etsy updates where you've got to act fast. Cart jacking is going to happen, so if you don't like that sort of thing don't worry, we'll be doing more updates in the future with larger batches - or maybe a dyed to order update with the most popular colourway(s) from this weekends offerings. If you see something you love but aren't able to get on Sunday be sure to leave me a comment in our Ravelry Wish List thread so I'll know what colourways we should try and replicate. I already have a few favourites and I can't wait to hear what you all think about these new colours!

Thank goodness Sam is here to help me process all this yarn! We're doing our best to keep her busy. ;)