Handmade summer wardrobe

My handmade wardrobe is pretty extensive but is made up predominantly of cold weather woolies. I could probably wear a different hand knit sweater or cold weather accessory every day for 100 days, but as soon as the weather warms up I have nothing handmade to show for myself. I don't stop knitting in the summer, but I never thought that I would wear "summer knits". That is until a few weeks ago when something clicked and I suddenly have a whole new outlook on warm weather knits. Until recently my summer wardrobe consisted of mostly tight fitting tees and tanks. Tops made from stretchy material that clung to the body. I've made a switch to realizing that I look better wearing a looser silhouette on my top half. I joked in an Instagram post on my birthday that I was a "mature lady now" because I preferred blouses to t-shirts. Really, what I meant is that I like a bit more drape in my tops these days. Which translates beautifully into a handmade summer wardrobe since things like linen, cotton and silk drape beautifully!

I started with a Linum Tee - which I've already completed, full FO post coming soon! Next I'll be knitting Saco Stripes in grey linen with Seabreeze silk stripes. I've also taken the plunge into sewing garments for myself and will be starting with a few simple Wiksten tanks in the gorgeous Liberty fabrics pictured. That blue dotted fabric makes me swoon. 

It will be so nice to be able to wear handmade items this summer. I feel like a whole new knitter now that I have this refreshed outlook on summer knits! Do you knit summer garments? What are your faves?