Still Feelin' Lucky

I woke up this morning feeling very lucky. Yesterday's Etsy update was a success, which is always a bit overwhelming. I love what I do, dyeing, designing, running TFA, and the fact that you all appreciate it enough to make it possible for me to do this as a career is incredible. Chris, Stella and I all thank you very much. Our lives aren't glamourous, I spend most days in my pyjamas, we have a modest house and we stay in most nights, but we spend our days together doing what we're passionate about and that makes us feel incredibly lucky. 

I serendipitously stumbled upon this old blog post yesterday (quoted above) and thought that it was worth sharing again. It's 4 years later (to the day!) and reading that post makes me realize how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. I feel exactly the same way about how lucky I am to be doing what I love. Thanks guys! From the bottom of my heart, you're the best!