Dyed To Order Blog Update on Friday!

I posted a shot of our new Aquarelle colourway on Instagram yesterday and wrote that I think it has to be knit with to truly be experienced and appreciated in all it's glory. Though these photos look lovely, in person this colourway gets taken to a whole new level. You hold the skein in your hand and think "wow, cool" but then when you knit with it and each stitch is 4 different colours all at once you're finally like "oh yeah, now I get it." So, there you go. Here is Aquarelle. A super fun new colourway that can be all yours on Friday!

Here are the details: The Aquarelle colourway is not currently part of our regular line up of colours but will be available to order in all of our bases (expect Silver Label) for one day only! You'll be able to purchase all the Aquarelle yarn you need directly from a blog post I'll be putting up on Friday May 20th at 7am EST. The blog post will be live until 7pm EST. Since you'll be ordering directly from the TFA site, you can absolutely combine your Aquarelle order with any other colourway from our site. And since you've got a full 12 hour window in which to place your order it should make for a very lovely and leisurely day of shopping. :)

I expect turnaround time for this update to be about 2-3 weeks. 

Aquarelle is the first colourway we're making available that features a brand new dyeing technique we've developed. Working on this technique involved a lot of conversations between Chris and I where we said things like: "speckles & flecks" "spots & dots" "bits & bobs" " "nuanced & magical!" "rainbows & unicorns"! I wanted all these magical bits of colour peaking through but what's most important to me is always to have the results be beautiful not only in the skein but also that the yarn look just as good knit up, which isn't always the case with variegated/speckled yarns. After much experimentation, I'm happy to say that we've landed on a technique that creates results that absolutely thrill me! With so much going on in this colourway I was worried that the results might err on the wild/crazy side, but somehow all the colours work together to create a beautifully harmonious watercolour effect when knit up (hence the name aquarelle - watercolour in french). 

Each skein is truly unique. Though we always aim for consistency you'll definitely want to alternate between skeins when working with this style of colourway - though I recommend that for all our colourways, so don't let that scare you!

Here are a few of our colourways that I think pair very nicely with Aquarelle. I can picture a two or three colour shawl worked with Aquarelle as the star being off the charts gorgeous! I'm currently knitting a wee Flax pullover for Micah in two of the skeins shown above and it's looking fantastic! 

clockwise from top left: lemongrass, mallard, teal, ravine, aurora, peacock, seabreeze, slate, grape, iris, plum, buttercup.

clockwise from top left: lemongrass, mallard, teal, ravine, aurora, peacock, seabreeze, slate, grape, iris, plum, buttercup.

See you on Friday!