Thoughtful Gifts

I love holidays and birthdays and gift giving occasions as much as the next guy, but the truth is there is nothing more touching than a gift that is given "just because". I loathe last minute holiday shopping. I think that pretty much everyone does, but for me personally it's not the crowds or the money that gets me down, it's the fact that I feel forced to buy something for someone wether I find the perfect thing or not. I WANT to give my sister/brother/niece a gift that they will love, not some random sweater I found on sale that might fit and that I think they kinda might like. Anyways, I digress, that's kinda on me anyways. I've got all year to plan and find the perfect gift for the people on my list right? So leaving it to the last minute is my own fault. 

Anyways... the whole point of that rant is to really highlight how amazing it is when someone gives a gift that is just so perfect you will cherish it forever, and if that someone gave it for no reason other than the fact that they saw it and thought of you? Amazing. That's the story behind that gorgeous vintage teacup up there. My sister saw it and knew that I would love it and bought it for me. It makes my day every time I glance over at it in our china cabinet. 

And then that ring! Chris gave me that perfect little ring up there for my birthday this year. I had spotted it one day when I was out shopping a few months ago. I mentioned it to Chris, he remembered even though I had forgotten. For the past 6 years I have worn nothing but my engagement ring and wedding band because all of my other jewelry felt too costume-y and not quite right next to my lovely diamond engagement ring. This delicate gold and blue opal ring, worn on the middle finger of my right hand feels just right. I adore it and can't believe that Chris actually remembered that I had coveted it all those months ago. 

Also interesting/not that interesting since you all know me well enough by now... apparently if you want to hit a home run with me just go with something blue and gold! It'll win me over every time. ;)