New Yarns - TFA PureWash Merino

Our new PureWash Worsted and PureWash DK yarns will be available for the first time in an Etsy update on Friday, July 1st at 12pm (noon) EST. There will be a second update for those who can't make it in the next week or two - stay tuned! 

We are shipping with Fedex Ground and USPS while we wait for Canada Post strike issues to be resolved. All orders will come with tracking and will probably be delivered quicker than usual!

This announcement has been over a year in the making and I am over the moon excited to finally be able to share these new yarns with you. Introducing our new line of PureWash signature yarns: TFA PureWash Worsted and TFA PureWash DK.

PureWash DK :: 113g = 260yds $25 a skein

PureWash Worsted ::113g = 205yds $25 a skein 

Last year I learnt about the impact the Hercosett 125 superwash wool treatment has on the environment*. As all of our yarns contained a percentage of this chemically treated superwash merino, the news got me thinking. Initially I tried to ignore it, telling myself that I didn't have any other options, but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me. Chris and I had countless conversations about it and what I initially viewed as a set back I have come to see as the best kick in the pants I've ever received! It's taken about a year of research, planning and testing but we have finally hit on exactly what direction we want to move forward in. I've always made decisions for my business based on what I wanted as a knitter; I consider myself my own best customer. It is important to me that I continue to offer my customers a washable merino yarn option since so much of my own knitting has to be washable. I knit for friends and family a lot and over this past year every time I went to cast on for a new project I would ask myself: What would be the ideal yarn for this project? Over time the answer was always the same: an eco-friendly, organic, washable wool.  

I'm pleased to say that we've done it! The fiber is sourced from organic farmers and is then treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it washable without coating it in chemicals and polymers. We're working with a local-to-us company to spin the fiber into beautifully soft, bouncy and wooly worsted and DK weight yarns that take the dye like a dream! We've taken a vote, and we all agree that these new bases showcase our favourite colourways in their best light. 

The yarn differs from other superwash yarns on the market in a few ways. First off there is the obvious environmental difference that I've already discussed, but secondly the feel and hand of the yarn is much truer to it's origins than the smooth and shiny superwash yarns we've become accustomed to. And let me just put this out there, I love knitting with our superwash yarns! This is not to knock other yarns, but there is no way to explain the difference between our TFA PureWash line and most other superwash yarns available on the market today without, well, highlighting the differences! Because the Hercosett 125 process essentially coats the merino fibers in a polymer coating in order to prevent felting during washing the resulting yarn has a very smooth and shiny finish. Because our PureWash yarns are not coated in this way but are gently treated in a descaling process they retain their incredibly soft sheepy-ness. And in case you're worried about softness, because sometimes sheepy-ness or wooly-ness can be confused with scratchy-ness or roughness, let me assure you, these yarns are incredibly soft. I would even go as far as to say that they are softer than what I'm used to.

Our line of PureWash yarns are obvious choices for baby and kid knits - because who doesn't want the most gentle, pure and washable(!) option out there when knitting for kiddos? - they are equally ideal for larger adult garments because the merino retains it's loftiness and lightness since it isn't weighed down by a polymer coating. One comment I often hear about superwash yarns is that they have a tendency to stretch and grow, sometimes uncontrollably, during blocking. Our PureWash yarns retain their merino memory and your knitting will bounce back to it's original shape and won't be as weighed down, a real plus when I'm considering yarn selection to knit a sweater for Chris! Or... when knitting a sweater for myself that features kangaroo pockets and a hood! That extra fabric can add up, but feels light as air and is easy to wear in PureWash Worsted. 

My Adult R&R Hoodie pattern, finally! Available tomorrow. ;)

My Adult R&R Hoodie pattern, finally! Available tomorrow. ;)

Until now I had been focusing the importance of our colours more than on the importance of our fibers. When I started in this business I didn't have the knowledge or the resources to create custom yarns, I essentially ordered our bases from a catalogue. As we've grown and my knowledge of knitting and fiber has increased I've often found myself limited by what bases were available to me. Taking this step into custom creating our own unique yarns has been the missing link. We are no longer colouring in someones else's drawing, we are creating our own canvas. It is a truer reflection of who we are and that feels amazing! 

* Ashley of Woolful has done extensive research on the subject and has shared many of her resources at the bottom of this blog post