Mood Board Monday - Lotus

TFA Orange Label in Lotus (a ooak colourway),  eggs ,  sky ,  abstract art ,  cups ,  Rowan's Pembroke vest .

TFA Orange Label in Lotus (a ooak colourway), eggsskyabstract artcupsRowan's Pembroke vest.

Lotus is right up there as one of my all time favourite one of a kind colourways. I use the term "one of a kind" rather loosely in this case since, though it started off as a happy accident, we've since perfected the recipe and this lovely colourway is now repeatable. I've been dyeing to use that picture of those perfect eggs in a mood board for ages so I'm thrilled to have been able to cross that off of my bucket list today. Is your bucket list as exciting as mine? 

Lovely Lotus, you're awesome.