Lost and Found Hats

So really, only one of these hats was lost and found, but I knit them so long ago (back in the fall) that it's like these images were lost on my computer and now that I've found them again I can blog about them! Sadly, one of these hats was actually physically lost as well, that lovely Peacock and Natural Chunky number up there. I knit that hat last fall back when our Grey Label Merino/Alpaca Chunky yarn was brand new. I didn't follow a pattern, I just kinda winged it, but it turned out really cute so I expect I'll get around to formalizing some sort of pattern for it sooner or later. I knit a pair of Chunky blue mitts for Rowan out of the Peacock and then used the remainder of the skein for this hat. I didn't have enough yarn to knit the entire hat so added a bit of super simple fair-isle to transition to the white for the decreases. Had I not knit the mitts I think that 1 skein would have been plenty. This chunky and slouchy hat is pretty perfect for Rowan. It's so warm and cozy - you just can't beat chunky garter stitch when it comes to warm and cozy! 

So, this is where the lost and found part comes in. Rowan wore this hat for a few weeks last fall and then just like that we lost it. We looked everywhere! I half expected it to turn up under the sofa or in the bottom of a toy bin because that sort of thing happens from time to time around here, but no dice. I suspected that we'ed lost it at the pool and with so many people coming and going at our local pool I figured it was lost forever. Fast forward a few months to this past weekend and Chris found the missing hat in a backpack! Yay! Just in time for warmer weather Rowan has this super warm, perfect for winter hat. ;) Thankfully I think it will fit him again next year. 

Rowan's hat was such a hit that I immediately cast on for a similar hat for Micah. But this time, rather than using chunky I held 4 strands of fingering weight yarn together to achieve a watercolour affect. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting there with a giant bin of leftover sock yarn and turning it into something so spectacular. 

Can you tell I'm crazy about this hat? It reminds me of this little sweater I knit years ago. Watercolour knits will always be my all time favourite. It's so magical to watch the colours blend and shift from one to the next.

Would you just look at the cheeks on Micah! Side note - You know how you're supposed to establish a bedtime routine for your babies so they know that when you start doing A, B, C that it's time to wind down and go to sleep? For Micah I have worked out a routine that involves a huge smooch right on the cheek as I lay him down in his crib. Now, obviously we all kiss our babies goodnight, but this isn't just a regular kiss goodnight, I bury my face in his chubby little cheek and it should totally bother him but it's so part of the routine now that he loves it and knows that it means he's lying down for sleep. Brilliant right?