Stella and the boys

Last week was "Bring a picture of your family to daycare" day. And I totally missed it. I knew that it was coming up and kept meaning to check the calendar they send home but then last Wednesday afternoon, I arrived at daycare to pick up Rowan and he ran over to his drawer, the drawer where he keeps his works of art and special crafts that he made during the day. Showing us the contents of his drawer is one of his favourite things to do. He's always so proud of it. So, he ran over to his drawer, opened it, and it was empty. He looked up at me with big eyes and said: "there's no picture of my flamily in my drawer" (he throws an extra "L" into family, it's flamily and it's adorable.) My heart sunk. The teachers said that it was no big deal, that lots of kids forgot, but I was really upset. Imagine a class full of 2 year olds sitting in a circle and one by one walking around, bursting with pride and showing everyone a photo of their family. 

"That's my mommy! That's my daddy! That's my Micah!" 

It would have been the cutest thing ever. 

Today is "Bring a picture of you pet to daycare" day and there was no way that I was going to mess this one up. We snapped this shot of the boys wit their dog in Rowan's room this morning, printed it and slipped it into a plastic sleeve. Rowan is going to have great day!