Hat love

So... here are some hats. I feel as though I've knit nothing short of 1 million hats in my time, but Ravelry tells me it's more like 65. Although, if something is going to be quickly knit and promptly gifted and never properly Ravelled it's a hat, so I don't fully trust Ravelry on this one. The other day I organized my hat bin and left only the hats that I actually wear on a regular basis. All the other hats were redistributed around the house in various bins and bags so as to give myself (and more importantly Chris) the illusion that I've made an effort to purge and that I'm serious about keeping my knits organized and our home uncluttered by knits. :)

Clearly I favour grey and blue hats, though there is that rogue green Bract hat that snuck in. Go green Bract! Would it kill me to wear a red hat? Apparently yes. Isn't it interesting what our hat bins tell us about ourselves? My bin tells me that I wear both beanie's and slouches, as long as they are knit in shades of grey and maybe have just little pop of colour. I think it also says that I am brave and independent, that I love sushi and am scared of spiders. No? You're not getting all of that from this pile of hats? Maybe my hat bin doesn't say as much about myself as I think it does, but I still like looking at it.

I'll answer any questions about hat patterns in the comments, most of these hats can be found on my Ravelry project page under the "hats and mitts" tab.

I have plans for a few more hats and I realize now that they in no way stray from my tried-and-true-stick-with-blue hat addiction. Below are a few skeins that I've set aside for future hat projects. Looking at that brilliant blue skein (third from the left) I'm thinking that it may need to be a sweater instead... because I don't have nearly enough blue sweaters!