Etsy Update - Sustainable Merino & Chunky

There will be an Etsy update on Sunday, March 6th at 12pm (noon) EST.

You can find the shop here, it will appear empty until exactly 12pm EST on Sunday at which point it will magically become full of yarn! All of the yarn in this update is ready to ship and I hope to have it in the mail within a week.

The update will feature:

  • Grey Label Merino/Alpaca Chunky :: $25/skein
  • Fingering Weight Sustainable Merino (pictured below) 100g = 400yds :: 26/skein
  • DK Weight Sustainable Merino 100g = 260yds :: $25/skein

This will be the last of the Grey Label for a while - it will be back in time for fall, but Chunky knits season is kinda winding down now, right?

What is this Sustainable Merino you ask? Let me tell you all about it. We featured these two bases as the February Club yarns. The 100% super soft merino fiber has been ethically, responsibly and sustainably sourced and has not been treated with any super-washing chemicals (these yarns are not machine washable). It’s natural and beautiful and quite different from the superwash yarns we’re used to. I have a limited supply of the Sustainable Merino and this will be the one and only time that they will be available. I love the yarns and I love what they represent, but for a number of reasons I won't be ordering them again. Not the least of which is because this specific yarn comes from a European distributor and the cost of overseas shipping makes it prohibitively expensive. Since this is a one time deal I am able to price it reasonably, but if I were planning on stocking it regularly I'd have to charge significantly more to balance out the extra costs. It's a lesson learnt the hard way. I loved the samples I received, I crunched some numbers and placed my order, but turns out I am a terrible numbers cruncher because I completely underestimated the actual cost of getting this yarn from there to here. 

The good news is this experience got the ball rolling and I've already got another yarn in the works (this time made locally) along the same lines that I think will be equally, if not more, exciting - so stay tuned for that!

Above is my Arika Cowl in progress. I'm knitting it in our Grey Label Chunky in the Cosmic Night colourway - which will be available in Sunday's update, it's incredibly beautiful. 

I think I've mentioned before that this will be a transitional year for us as we try new things and figure out a system that works for us right now. Being open minded to experimenting and to the possibility that not everything will work out as planned is proving to be quite liberating for us and hopefully exciting for you! We're still very early in the year, but already I feel like we have a clearer picture of the direction we want to move forward in.