WIP - Milkyway French Cancan

My main knitting project these days is a secret sweater that I'm knitting for Chris for Christmas. It's actually not so secret, he knows that he's getting a sweater and he sees me working away on it in the evenings, but I'm going to try and keep some of the details from him until the very end. When I need a break from that I sneak in a few rows on the gorgeous border of my French Cancan that I'm knitting up in the Gift Bundle colourway Milkyway. I'm crazy about how this colourway is knitting up! It's light and cheerful and a little bit bright, but not too much... just so lovely. I am having a heck of a time with the border lace though! Maybe because I'm not knitting on it often enough to get into a proper groove with it, I have made so many mistakes already. Fingers crossed that blocking somehow miraculously corrects all my little glitches?