Happy Holidays From Me And My Elves!

Less than a week ago, while chatting with my mom, we decided that I should knit sweaters for the boys for Christmas! I finished Chris' sweater last week and was feeling quite proud of myself. I pictured all 3 of my boys wearing their new sweaters on Christmas day and my heart just about melted. It had to happen. Thankfully these sweaters are wee and the pattern I chose (Flax by Tin Can Knits) is worsted weight and knits up quickly and it looks like I'll have them done and wrapped up in time for Christmas morning without breaking too much of a sweat. Few! Micah's is finished and Rowan's is just missing 1.5 sleeves. I got this!

We are super excited about Christmas this year. Possibly the most excited we've been in a long time. Rowan gets it. He's counting down the days until Christmas, he's decorating cookies, he's wrapping gifts, he's rearranging ornaments on the tree, he's asking lots of questions about Santa ("Can Santa's elves make toothpaste mommy?") and every day on the drive home from daycare he pretends to be Rudolf and guides our car home with the light from his shiny red nose. It's adorable and heart warming and I can't wait to see his face light up on Christmas morning when he sees that Santa has paid us a visit. 

We're hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year and that only adds to the festive excitement! We'll be adding a leaf to the dining table, pulling out the good china, arranging a veggie platter in the shape of a Christmas tree... it's a lot of work, but I'm so excited about it! That's the beauty of not hosting every year, it's fun and exciting when it's our turn!

At the risk of bombarding you with too many festive photos of my boys, here are a select few of the 100 I have of them wearing these ridiculously cute pj's and enjoying the spirit of the season!

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! See you on Boxing Day!