Christmas Sweaters For The Boys!

PatternFlax by tincanknits

Yarn: (left) TFA Green Label in Ravine with Peacock, Seabreeze, Mallard, Lemongrass and Highlighter and (right) TFA Green Label in Chris Grey with Passion, Pink Grapefruit, Highlighter, Seabreeze and Peacock.

Ravelry project pages here and here.

For Christmas this year I knit my boys Flax sweaters and added a few colourful stripes to each sweater in a palette that I thought would suit each boy best. They've worn them a lot these past few days and looked cute as buttons on Christmas day in their new pants and sweaters. Micah is playing it cool and not really giving away wether or not he loves it. Rowan isn't holding back, he loves the pink! I'm thrilled that he likes it. Despite the fact that they've been wearing them with real pants the only time that I managed to get decent shots of them was this afternoon when they both spontaneously decided that it was time to strip down and get changed into pj's. They were in good moods and the light was sort of appropriate so I popped their sweaters over their heads and begged them to sit still for a second. That top photo is my favourite. Capturing sincere smiles from the two of them at the same time is a major victory. I might just frame it for my office. My boys in their colourful sweaters... sigh. I love those two!

Chris has been living in his Christmas sweater too! He looks gorgeous in it and the fit is perfect. It's really good. I'll have loads to share about it soon!

I hope that you're all enjoying this lovely quiet week between Christmas and new Years! I think that it might be one of my favourite weeks of the year. Enjoy!