Chris' Christmas Sweater Palette

I've finally gotten to the good part on Chris' Christmas sweater!!! Yesterday Rowan and I wound all the balls I'm going to need for the exciting yoke I have planned. Chris' sweater is actually a minor hack on a design of mine that you haven't seen yet. It's going to be published in the new year so you'll have to be patient while I secretly work away on it behind the scenes. It's going to be good. I'm so excited!

The star of the show is that grey/multi speckled skein in the middle up there. When Rowan and I were picking colours for the yoke he kept insisting that it needed MORE PINK! Pink is his favourite colour, but it's not exactly what I had in mind for Chris' sweater. I managed to convince Rowan that the spots of pink in the grey speckled skein were enough and that since we were using pink sparingly that it would really pop! So now he calls this "Daddy's pink sweater" and I love that. Oh my gosh 3.5 years old's are funny! Sure, he pushes my buttons and I sometimes snap, but it never lasts long because he's always just seconds away from saying/doing the next hilarious thing.