Mood Board Monday - Milkyway

stars ,  hair , my current  WIP  in Milkyway,  pastel bottles , TFA PureWash DK in  Milkyway ,  jeans . 

starshair, my current WIP in Milkyway, pastel bottles, TFA PureWash DK in Milkywayjeans

Creating mood boards for dynamic colourways like the Gift Bundle exclusive Milkyway is always a difficult task, but it's a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy. Rather than fixate on finding inspiration images that are exactly the same colours as the yarn I try to find images that represent the overall vibe of what I feel the yarn embodies. The Milkyway colourway is special, kinda like rainbow hair, star confetti, holographic jeans special, y'know? It's a "pull out your coolest neon green knitting needles and knit yourself a shawl" kinda special. ;)

Happy Monday!