Gift Bundles and Calendars!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! We have been planning and scheming behind the scenes for months to put together this year's Gift Bundle and now that it's finally time to share it with you I am giddy with excitement! I really hope that you love this year's bundle as much as I do. You may have spotted my glorious watercolour pouch in a few blog posts and instagram posts over the past year. The bag is made by Krista of Spotted Stones and is something that I purchased the second I saw it, even though I didn't have a specific use in mind for it at the time, but I couldn't picture myself living without it. When it arrived in the mail I propped it up on my mantle for a while just so I could enjoy it's beauty. Then one day I was leaving the house with my knitting in tow and needed something to corral all of my notions so I grabbed my mantle-decoration-pouch and haven't looked back since. 

The organic linen for the pouches is hand dyed by Krista in that gorgeous watercolour effect. Since these pouches are obviously a labour of love I thought that it was a long-shot when I contacted her this summer about the possibility of collaborating on this project, but to my delight she was just as excited about the idea as I was! I have long wanted to put together a set of my favourite notions, things that are simple yet stylish, and I couldn't be happier with the set that we've come up with! That gauge ruler is probably my favourite. It was a new type of design project for me. We worked with a local company to have the rulers laser cut and etched. They were beautiful in their all-natural birch state but then one day I decided to use my vast assortment of sharpies to colour in the star and even though it was kind of insane to decide to hand colour each of the 16 segments of the TFA star a different colour, it was clearly the right thing to do. ;) I hope it makes you smile to know that lots of love was put into each and every one of those glorious rainbow rulers! You can read about all of the other notions included on the Gift Bundle page here


When it came time to design a custom colourway to include with this year's Bundle it was a no brainer. We wanted to echo the watercolour fabric in a signature TFA style hand painted colourway we've called Milkyway. I've been thinking a lot about what our signature style is lately and I've decided that this is it. Dynamic, multicoloured colourways that are somehow still knit-able and wearable (hello Tartan!). Fun to look at, fun to knit with and fun to wear. The triple threat! We've dyed the Milkyway colourway on our PureWash DK weight base. I'm currently knitting a shawl with it and am LOVING the results. I'll be posting progress pics soon! 

And one of my favourite tasks of the year... putting together the TFA calendar! The calendar is available as part of the Bundle and is also sold separately. I'll be honest with you. I keep 2 for myself. One to use as my actual calendar that I mark up with appointments and reminders and one to save in pristine condition because I love those gorgeous yarn filled pages! It's such a thrill to see my photography in print. I'm so used to seeing it online but there is really something special about a hard copy. 

So, there you have it friends, your Christmas gift list all figured out for you! ;) We've got a few other goodies planned for the fall/winter season (did you see this teaser I posted on Instagram yesterday!?) I just love this time of year!