Free patterns for knitted gifts

It's that time of year again where we're all scrambling to knit gifts for our loved ones! Every year I go through the same internal struggle where I go back and forth over wether or not to knit gifts. This is me literally every day in December: "It's just a quick hat! I can totally do it. But if I knit one for her I should really knit something for her 2 sisters. I know, I'll knit them matching hats. Oh! Hat and mitt combos would be so cute, they'd be set for winter! I've been wanting to knit dad a vest for years, this is the year I'll do it, it's so fast, no sleeves! What the heck do I get my brother... socks are a small project, I can manage that right?" Over and over again until every evening when I eventually sit down and say out loud to Chris "I'm not knitting anything this year, tomorrow lets get serious about making a Christmas shopping list, ok?"

So, what does my lack of organization have to do with today's blog post? Good question. Nothing really. Just know that I feel for you and I admire all of you who manage to do any gift knitting whatsoever! Since we're just shy of a month away from Christmas and there is technically still plenty of time to knit a few gifts, I thought it would be the perfect time to remind you all that I have a few free patterns that might tick some boxes for you. My absolute favourite hat/mitt Christmas gift combo is my Grammy's hat and mitts set. Designed to use up odds and ends of worsted weight yarn they are a quick knit that don't break the bank since I highly encourage you to stash bust for this project. Easily modified to fit all head sizes (baby to adult) these hats are the perfect project for those looking for some fun, colourful knitted gifts. 

Happy stitching!