Can't go wrong with a rainbow yoke!

Rowan has tragically outgrown his gorgeous turquoise Christmas In July sweater. The little doll that he is, he continues to wear it even though the sleeves are too short and it's a bit snug around the chest. When I expressed that maybe it was time to pass it down to Micah he seemed a little disappointed so I promised to knit him a new sweater. I hemmed and hawed over the colour palette and pattern. I had originally figured that I'd re-knit Christmas In July in a different palette, but then decided that I'd give a new yoke design a go. I sat down with my graph paper and got to it. I'm very pleased with the new little yoke I came up with, if I do say so myself. I'm only showing you the inside for today because there may still be a few tweaks to be made before the full reveal!

I initially attempted to knit the yoke in a beautiful palette of gold, rust, orange and grey. A palette I pulled from the bottom half of the above right image featuring my bits and bobs of leftover sock yarns. The palette was different and unique and in the right hands would be completely stunning, but I totally messed it up and ended up frogging it. I might give it another go, but at the time I just wasn't loving it and decided that I'd have better success if I stayed in my happy place. My happy rainbow-yoke place. :) Rowan had also requested hot pink, and I couldn't make it work with the original rusty palette, but rainbow with a hit of hot pink! Heck yeah, that I can definitely work with! Oooh, also worth mentioning, I'm knitting the body in a really fun light grey speckle! Thank goodness Rowan likes colour, this sweater is going to be funtastic! He comes home from daycare and asks if it's done yet, which breaks my heart, I need to knit faster! Lastly, he also has expressed interest several times in helping me knit it! He'll sit in my lap and hold the needles while I wrap the yarn and help him insert the needles and knit the stitches. Getting a video of us knitting together is definitely on my list of things to do this week.

The above left image is a palette that I pulled for my own selfish knitting purposes. These skeins are currently sitting on my desk and as soon as I get the chance I'll be knitting this gorgeous shawl: Take It All by Lisa Hannes. The construction looks fun, the design looks like it will keep me on my toes, and when I picked these skeins off the wracks here in the office I knew immediately what they wanted to become. The pattern has been purchased and I've even wound a few of the skeins (I used some in the yoke of Rowan's sweater!) 

What are you working on these days?