2017 Year In Colour Club!

Good day friends! Today I'm popping in to let you know that for 2017 we're going back to our roots and are running the TFA Year In Colour Club! In 2016 I needed a break and I'm glad that I experimented with running the Club in a different way. Even though we ended up dyeing more yarn and shipping 9 Club months rather than 6, it was shockingly easy to pull off compared to the effort and planning involved in organizing the Year In Colour. I should mention, in case it's not clear, the difference is that the Year In Colour Club runs the entire year long and includes a pattern to accompany the yarn of the month whereas for 2016 we did 3 month instalments of a yarn-only Club. So, the Year In Colour Club is a ton more work but in turn somehow feels more important. I'm ready to tackle it again and I'm thrilled with the feedback I've gotten so far since announcing it on a few of my social media platforms yesterday. 

The other cool thing about the Year In Colour Club is that memberships are available all year long. The Club runs for the entire calendar year, but if you're not certain you want to sign up right away, that's fine! Or, if it's just not fiscally responsible for you to sign up until after the holidays, don't worry, it won't be too late! We've got so much going on in the next two months and I feel like I'm introducing an exciting new project every week, which is incredibly rewarding for me, but at the same time I realize that tempting you all with so many ways to spend your money between now and the New Year might make some of you say "enough!" I want to reassure you that though I do a lot of "One Of A Kind" sales and things like the Gift Bundles are available for a limited time only, there will always be another Etsy Update, another fantastic One Of A Kind colourway and another new kit just around the corner, it's ok to skip one and come back for the next one. Am I the world's worst sales person or what?

The 2017 Year In Colour Club will feature 6 exclusive colourways with 6 custom patterns designed by me for you. :) Though the colourways will be exclusive to Club members the patterns will not be. I'll be releasing the patterns for sale as individual pdf's throughout the year, so if you'd like to knit the Club patterns from stash yarn that's a fun way to participate in the Club atmosphere without breaking the bank! I've also added a 2 skein membership option this year. In past year's it would happen so frequently that people would request an extra skein to either A) enlarge items (knit an extra big shawl!) or B) use the yarn for a completely unique, non-Club pattern (like a baby sweater or a big 2 skein infinity cowl!) so letting the people who know that they will always prefer more yardage choose that option right off the bat seemed like a good idea.

I've included a few more details about the Club on the Clubs page. Things like the exact yarns we'll be featuring and what months the Clubs will be running. I'm really excited about next year's Club, I'm already working on a few mood boards for colourway ideas I'm keen to explore! Are you as excited as I am?