Mood Board Monday - Aurora

TFA Green Label in  Aurora ,  fungi , sky at night stolen from  my talented brother's instagram ,  flower ,  art on canvas , a WIP shot of my  Eventide Shawl .

TFA Green Label in Aurorafungi, sky at night stolen from my talented brother's instagramflowerart on canvas, a WIP shot of my Eventide Shawl.

I have been trying to nail down a mood board for our Aurora colourway ever since we developed it and it has not been easy! It's such an unusual mix of colours and it has proven very difficult to find images that truly capture the spirit of one of my favourite colourways. I'm quite happy with how this one finally came together. It was inspired mainly by that gorgeous photo featured in the top right hand corner taken by my brother. He is really spreading his wings as a photographer and I absolutely love seeing his images pop up in my Instagram stream. We don't live in the same city anymore, thank God for social media for allowing me to keep up with what he's up to. He and his girlfriend just returned from a two week trip around Iceland and the photo previews I've been seeing are off the charts gorgeous! 

I love you Vince!